Last-Mile Package-Delivery Pilot Program

Environmental sustainability and mitigating traffic are important components of UCSF being a good neighbor locally and globally. To support these goals as outlined in the University’s Long Range Development Plan, in August, Supply Chain Management (SCM) will begin expanding its “last-mile” package-delivery program to further decrease traffic and congestion in and around campus locations.

The last-mile delivery program, managed by SCM Logistics (formerly Distribution, Storage and Mail (DSM)), currently routes packages from four vendors and the United States Postal Service (USPS) to our Oyster Point location where they are sorted and delivered the “last mile” that same afternoon. Instead of many vendor/courier trucks delivering hundreds of packages each day, Logistics-DSM runs 23 routes, safely and successfully delivering 600 to 700 packages a day with just a few vehicles.

The existing last-mile package-delivery program, which has been in place for five years, includes Fisher Scientific, VWR, OfficeMax, USPS and Give Something Back Office Supplies (added last fall). In August, Logistics-DSM will expand the program to Parnassus locations and add additional vendors as well as FedEx and UPS. Rollout to remaining UCSF locations will take place later in the year.

SCM asks that campus leadership encourage and advocate for usage of the last-mile program to reduce trucks and congestion on the streets at campus locations, resulting in cleaner air and happier neighbors.

SCM will provide training, including webinars and user guides, on implementation of the last-mile program within BearBuy. The training materials are available here.

If you have questions or comments about this program, please email